Saturday, 10 December 2016

Walks To The Diner

On Friday, Jordan and I walked to the diner down the street from our home. We recently moved into a new neighborhood and had done a little exploring a few weeks back that led us to this diner. To be honest, it looked a bit like a dive at first glance. But we said since it was a literal 3-minute walk from our new home we would definitely have to check it out. So we did! And we were very very happy that we did. 

The place is called Hathaway's Diner and it has thee best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life. Once we had discovered this it did not take us long to return. On Friday we returned for another taste of the pancakes we could not forget about. 

It was a beautiful day, albeit freezing cold, and the sun was shining causing us to be slightly blinded by the glare off of the snow. Hand in hand we walked down the street as our faces froze solid with huge grins that could not be undone. 


Walks with Jordan are one of my favorite things in this world, no matter the temperature. We are a little worried that this diner will take over our lives because it is so close and so adorable and so delicious. We sat there and talked about how one day soon we will be able to walk here with our little baby and have breakfast on a Saturday morning. We can't wait.

I titled this post 'Walks to the Diner' because I am quite sure there will be more to come. If you are in Edmonton, and have never been to Hathaway's, definitely look it up! You won't regret it. (Not a sponsor, haha).

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot, coffee shop, or restaurant that you wish everyone would try? We are open to recommendations! Let me know in the comments!

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