Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dear Baby; Week Twenty Two

Dear Baby, 

We are over halfway there! You are getting so big! I am starting to look very pregnant. My clothes don't fit anymore. All of my shirts are too short and my belly sticks out the bottom. It is so strange to see myself like this. I love it so much. Keep growing baby! I am prepared to get huge and it's all worth it! 

It has become so much easier to be pregnant lately. I no longer get sick very often and I have more energy than before. The main struggle right now is my body stretching to accommodate you. It can make it pretty hard to sleep and get comfortable. I was using a Snoogle for a while, which actually became my best friend for about a month. I haven't used it as much lately because I really missed cuddling your daddy and so I have been taking a break from it. I have no doubt that it will be back.

Baby, about a week ago, I felt you move. I honestly don't even know how to express in words what it felt like. A lot of people try to describe it like butterflies, or bubbles, or something else, but I honestly just think it feels like exactly what it is! It feels like a tiny baby inside of me kicking the sides of my uterus! And thats you. You are kicking me. When you get out here that won't be acceptable anymore but right now it is my most favourite thing in the whole world. When I really felt it for the first time I was brought to tears because you just kicked me over and over again and suddenly you were more real to me then you have ever been. Even seeing you on ultrasounds almost wasn't proof enough for me. I could talk about your kicks forever. You just keep moving baby, your mama loves it. (Watch out for my ribs though because I hear that can really hurt).

I am starting to lose my ability to bend over and tie up my boots. It is so weird to be restricted like this. Pretty soon your daddy is going to have to help me put my shoes on. It makes me feel pretty silly but thats okay. This will be good practice for your daddy learning how to put socks and shoes on a human. Pretty soon he will need to learn how to fully dress a baby that, if your current movement is any indication, will be very very squirmy.

The other day your daddy felt you kick for the first time. He still doesn't quite believe it because it feels so little. I am sure it won't be long before your kicks are undeniable. Your daddy is so excited to feel you. 

We are setting up your nursery now. We have a crib and curtains and a rug. That's it so far. But I love that room. We keep the door closed because we don't want Floyd to go in there. You will meet Floyd. He is our cat. He is very fat and weird and I hope he becomes your best buddy. Your daddy peeks into your nursery a lot. I love hearing him open your door just to take a little peak. We can't wait to show you.

One last thing, it is very cold outside. We live in this strange land where the air hurts our faces and makes us sad. I am not quite sure why we live here. Thankfully, you will be born in the spring so you won't have to experience it for a little while. But just a heads up, our mission is to convince daddy that we should move to a land without snow. I haven't been able to convince him by myself so I am hoping your precious face will do the trick! Can't wait to have you on my team.

We love you, Baby.

Love, Mommy

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