Monday, 3 October 2016

Dear Baby; Week thirteen

Dear Baby, 

Wow, we have made it so far. It is really hard to believe that I am in the second trimester of pregnancy. What a strange feeling to have time seem to crawl and fly simultaneously. I can hardly bare waiting for each new milestone and yet the whole thing still doesn't feel real half of the time.  But here we are, week thirteen. You are the size of a small peach. I love peaches. I love you. 

I got to see you a couple days ago and watch you squirm around on a screen and touch your face and roll over. In that moment, it really hit me; you are real. You are my baby and you are inside of my womb and you can move and you can feel. I can't feel you moving yet but my heart knows you are in there and you are moving and growing inside me. 

When I lead worship at church each weekend I can't help but think that you are up there with me and  that very soon you will be able to hear. Oh baby, how I hope that music runs through your veins like it does through mine. I can't wait to sing you to sleep and hear the first sounds you make and the first song you sing. 

Your daddy and I are not going to find out whether you are a boy or a girl until you are born. The anticipation is intense but the reward will be great. We have picked out two names. One of them is yours. I can't wait to tell you your name. 

Soon I will start setting up your nursery. Right now your bedroom is just a room with boxes and miscellaneous storage items. But we have your crib. You will sleep in the same crib that your daddy slept in! 

I pray and hope so intensely that you realize how loved you are and never doubt it. I hope that you will always know God's sweet, unconditional, love and embrace. He is the one who is creating you right now! I'm not doing anything! It's all Him. He is making you exactly how you are meant to be. You are being made to love God and be loved by Him. It is far too beautiful to truly fathom. 

I have started talking to you because, according to the internet, you should be able to hear me soon. 

Your daddy loves you too, Baby. He can't wait to meet you. 

Hold tight, Baby. 

Love, Mommy.


  1. This is gorgeous. What a blessing your child will have to someday read this words. <3

  2. Oh Julia! This is so beautiful. The whole post was so adorable, it killed me.

    "We have picked out two names. One of them is yours." I'M DEAD.

    I'm using humour to make light of how moved I was. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

    1. Kamina,
      thank you so much for reading and I am so glad it "killed" you! ;) Kinda killed me too as I was writing it. Pretty sure it is only the second time I have shed tears out of joy for this baby!