Saturday, 10 June 2017

Henley Grows; Two Months

Today Henley turns two months old. As cliche as it sounds, I can't believe how fast time is flying and how quickly she is growing up. It truly feels surreal that two months has passed since that crazy weekend where I (and a team of highly trained medical professionals) brought her into this world. I feel like I have just met her and yet like I have known her my whole life. 

My love for this girl keeps blowing my mind as it grows and grows. 

Although some may argue that babies can't have a personality until they are a bit older, I completely disagree. This girl is a completely unique individual with a lot of personality traits to get to know already. Here are just a few things that Henley loves:

1. Change Table Time
She seriously hates having a wet diaper. Sometimes I forget how much she hates it and I will have no idea why she is so upset, but as soon as I start to carry her towards her nursery she will instantly cheer up. And then when I place her on her change table all is right with the world again. 

2. Mirrors 
I don't think babies know how to be vain so I think this one is just very normal for her developmental stage. Her baby swing has a mirror on the mobile hanging above it and her play-mat also has a mirror hanging for her to look into. She also has this book, which has a mirror on the front that she loves. 

3. Butt Pats 
Nothing calms this girl down more than butt pats and if she is tired this will send her right off to dreamland. We truly pat her to sleep every time she naps. 

4. Music
Henley will give me such a big smile and stare at me when I sing. I hold her during worship practice sometimes and she just loves it. Her dad and I also basically sing everything that we ever say to her. Something about babies brings out the inner musical star in all of us. 

5. Mommy and Daddy
This one is probably very obvious but I think it deserves to be mentioned. Nothing makes her smile more than when her dad or I smile at her and talk to her in a happy voice. And nothing makes us smile more than her smiling at us. It's a perfect exchange. 

As far as sleeping goes, Henley doesn't sleep too well yet. She usually wakes up every two hours all night long. There have been a couple nights where she has slept a little longer but not much. She usually sleeps in our bed with us (controversial I know, but this is what we decided to do) but she does sleep in her bassinet quite a bit too. We are trying to get her to sleep in it more but it is tricky as babies do love to be close to their mama and night feedings sure are easier for me. One thing that has helped her stay asleep longer is this swaddle/sleep sack.

As far as eating goes, Henley eats about 50/50 breast milk and formula. There are a lot of reasons why she eats this way but I will be writing a post all about that in the future so stay tuned.

We love this girl so much and we love watching her grow so much every day. Stay tuned to my blog for monthly updates as Henley Grows.

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