Sunday, 27 March 2016


Today is the most important day on the Christian Calendar. I do not believe that this was necessarily the exact day that Jesus rose from the grave so many years ago, but today is the day we choose to celebrate it. And that is important. If Jesus had not risen from the dead then His death on the cross would have meant nothing. But He did. He rose again and that is why I have life and that is why I have hope. 

I believe that not only did Jesus raise from the dead Himself, He also raises us from the dead. When we give our lives to Him he takes them, our dead lives, our dead circumstances, and he raises them back to life. True life. Abundant, joy-filled, never ending life.  I believe that no matter what your circumstances are, whether you are suffering from physical or emotional pain, whether you are stuck in a pattern of sin, whether your marriage is falling apart, whether you are feeling like your life is meaningless, or you are waiting for something that you have been desiring, God can breath life into it all. He resurrects us! You don't need to live in a place of defeat. Give Him your life, give it all to Him and watch what He does. He is amazing! He is a miracle worker! He makes ALL things work together for our good! I led this song in church this morning and I believe that it is a beautiful declaration of what today is all about. Happy Easter. 

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